Recommended Solid State Drives (SSD's)

For desktop 'tower' computers and most notebooks/laptops (Windows, Apple or Linux)

A Solid-State Drive/Device will dramatically improve the performance and responsiveness of a computer.

If you heard the line "What if I could make your computer 5 times faster for less than $100?", most people would be skeptical. In this case, with a solid-state drive, it would be true. In most cases, your computer's processor (or CPU) is plenty fast enough. It spends most of its time either waiting for you to do something, or for some information to be read or written to your hard drive. All your existing content, 'cloned' to a new, solid-state drive will make your computer run like you've never seen it.

Below, you will see a list (from of the drives we recommend (for reliability and speed).
(please note - if you are not sure what drive(s) fit your system, please contact us for help)

Please note - many desktop/tower models (including iMac's) may require an adapter tray to hold the smaller SSD drive in place. The adapters below are listed in order of preference (from left to right):