About the owner:

I have been in the computer service business for more than 30 years.
I relocated to Naples in April of 1993, where I had been providing quality computer repair and consulting both as an independent contractor and, occasionally, as a full time employee of various companies.
In October of 2017, shortly after "riding out" Hurricane Irma, we decided to relocate to Southern Missouri, where we settled in Piedmont (in South-East Missouri).

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(Effective Jan 1 of 2023)

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0Byte Solutions

Our service call scheduling policy:

updated 30-May-2014

Effective June 1 of 2014 our company policy on service calls is now as follows:
  • Residential service calls will be scheduled in a two-hour "window"
  • Business service calls will be scheduled in a three-hour "window"
  • On-site service calls cancelled within one hour of their scheduled "window" are subject to a termination fee
    The termination fee will be the trip charge or $25 (whichever is higher)
  • A call will be placed to the designated contact person prior to any technician travel time
    If the phone call is not answered or goes to voice mail or message the service call will be considered cancelled

These changes, regretfully, are necessary. We feel that to be able to meet customer expectations certain guidelines must be established specifying the parameters of service provided. These parameters are based, in part, on the difficult-to-predict nature of technology and human interactions and the nature of unexpected travel and traffic delays.

Every effort will be made to keep the arrival time as close to the beginning time of the scheduled time "window". We cannot guarantee that will always be the case. If there are any expected difficulties in making the agreed arrival time we will communicate these with the designated contact person as quickly as we can.