Recommended mSata, M.2 & PCIe Solid State Drives

For newer notebook computers and some towers or 'tiny' PC's

Newer, smaller computers typically lack the space for a conventional hard drive. Even 2½-inch 'notebook' hard drives are often too large. The answer is are these, newer generation of direct-connect solid-state drives.

Many models of notebook computers, towers and ultra-small form-factor computers still use a conventional drive (where one will fit, to save on price) while they also have a newer mSATA or 'M.2' connector. In this case, with one of these newer model solid-state drives, you could keep the storage capacity you have in the conventional drive while adding the speed of the solid-state drive.

In other cases, like the Microsoft Surface series or Intel's "NUC" computers, the only option you have would be an mSATA or M.2 drive. Those already have the speed you are looking for, but you may be running out of space and in need of an upgrade.

Below, you will see a list (from of the newer mSATA, M.2 and M.2/PCIe drives we recommend.
(please note - if you are not sure what drive(s) fit your system, please contact us for help)